Nauticus SXW951040BL Smart Tabs White SX Composite 9.5" x 10" With 40 lb. Actuator

by |MFR| Nauticus
$ 177.21

The SX series incorporates fully automatic features with the rust and corrosion free benefits of molded composite materials. The one-of-a-kind Smart Tabs system is speed-regulated, requiring no operator adjustment while underway. The system uses a nitrogen gas actuator which stabilizes your boat without the use of hydraulics or electric switches. Assembly can be completed in seconds and the installation in a few minutes with only a drill with a 3/16" bit and a Phillips screw driver. SMART TABS SX provide un-equaled performance and durability with no maintenance in fresh or salt water. The system can be specifically tuned to maximize the performance of any powerboat, and tracking ribs have been added to improve handling at higher speeds. Thermo Molded CoPolymer composite material provides superior strength and resilience for any rough water situation. Rust and corrosion are also eliminated so there is no need for anodes. Improves handling and smoother ride in any water. Improved fuel economy.

Material: White Composite

Boat Size: 12'-16'

Application: 40 to 80 hp / 2 or 4 stroke