Woody's Gold Digger® Traction Master® 60° Carbide Studs

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$ 1,790.14

The world standard all other traction devices are measured against and not one has met the challenge. A sharp 60?? carbide tip gives you superb trail traction and durability on hard pack snow and ice when installed with the corresponding Digger?? support plate. The 7mm thread is offered in .750" length with a 7/8" head. The 5/16" thread is offered in .875" through 1.450" in lengths with a 1" head. Available in 24, 96, 144 and 1,008 piece packages that includes lock nuts. (1.325" & 1.450" packages come with Woody's aluminum ALN2-4500 Big Nuts.)

Size: 1.175"

Thread: 5/16"

Pack: 1008