Comet Clutch Lube 204804A

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Comet GP-730A is a dry-film lubricant that bonds to the surface being sprayed within one to two minutes or less in normal air-drying conditions. GP-730A contains a high percentage of micro-fine metallic additive (MoS2) with excellent lubricating capabilities suspended in a unique bonding agent. GP-730A will not "dust away" or dislodge and bonding occurs without heating or baking. Even under sliding pressure GP-730A actually bonds to most ferrous and non-ferrous metals as well as to plastics, fibrous, wood, glass, rubber and many other friction surfaces. GP-730A performs well even under heavy load and extreme pressure. It greatly enhances effectiveness of normal lubricants applied over it. GP-730A is non-corrosive, inert to water, oil and many acids, solvents and alkalis. GP-730A contains no oil, grease, wax or silicone; it will not attract dust or dirt. GP-730A greatly lowers metal-to-metal contact and thus reduces power consumption and torque-loss.

Size: 15 oz.

MFG Part Number: 204097A