$ 68.19

View one of any available KU-Band satellites (61.5??, 72??, 82??, 91.5??, 101??, 110??, 119??, 139??, 148??). Features 18" antenna with dual feed LNBF for up to 2 receiver viewing. Includes wall/roof/pole mount for nearly any kind of installation. Can be used with single satellite tripod mount. Not compatible with DIRECTV satellite 110?? or KA-band satellites. Ideal when permanent mounting is not desirable. Great for short stops, wooded areas, boat docks, decks, etc. Azimuth degree markings molded in. Includes removable legs, ground anchor, bungee cord, compass and level. Works with standard 18-inch home single satellite viewing dish. Not for use with portable models. 8-1/4" x 8-1/4" x 19". Weight: 5 lbs.

Description: 18" Dish Tripod Mount

MFG Part Number: TR-2077