UltraHeat AMM2400 Tank Heater

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Protect your total RV drainage system of holding tanks, pipes and elbows from freezing, even in negative temperatures. All tank heaters have a built-in sensor to cycle heater for power savings, and maintain tank contents between 44??F and 64??F. Pipe and Elbow heat panels are not sensor controlled. Power on heat panels when the outside temperature is just above freezing and falling, fluids must be present when in use. Power off when the outside temperature remains above freezing. Heaters for different size tanks, pipes and elbows. All heaters have an easy to apply peel-n-stick adhesive that adheres to any clean surface. One tank heater will protect a 29 to 60 gallon holding tank. All heaters must be wired thru an on/off switch (not included). Made in the USA.

Description: Tank Heater

Size: 40-60 Gal.

Volts: 12