Suburban Co 2401A Sf-42Fq Dynatrail 40M Btu 12V

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$ 1,033.20
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At only 7-1/2" tall, these quiet yet efficent low-profile ducted furnaces feature multi-ported stainless teel burners, sealed forced draft combustion, automatic direct spark ignition and low amp draws. With up to nine duct connection choices, these models offer almost unlimited design flexibility.
SF-FQ Models are designed for interior serviceability with a front (inside) gas connection and only a small vent terminal on the coach exterior, permitting installation up to 9 inches from the wall. Since no exterior access door is required, the SF-FQ is aesthetically appealing and a more economical installation choice.

Model: SF-42FQ

Size: 7-1/2"H x 17"W x 20"D

Volts: 12V