Fan-Tastic Vent 4000R Off White Vent with Reverse Switch

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$ 246.60

Fan-Tastic Vent - 400R - Off White model 4000 will exchange the air in your recreational or commercial vehicle in minutes. Cooking smoke and unpleasant aromas are whisked away in seconds. The core of the system is a powerful 12 inch 10-blade rotary fan that works with open doors or windows to create a balanced air flow. It is designed for maximum air flow efficiency. Hot, stale, stuffy air is pushed out. Fresh, clean, natural air is pulled in. Fan-Tastic Vent is lightweight, compact, bug resistant, durable and seals tight when not in use. The motor operates at 3 speeds for selected performance levels. Installs in minutes and fits the existing opening provided by most recreational vehicle manufacturers.