Dry Launch SP8RBW-ER13 SP8 Series Right Tail Light with Curved Side

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8-Function, all Lexan Tail Light with extended ends. A different look! Tens of thousands used by Shoreland's, E-Z Loader and other top quality trailers. Waterproof air trapping submersible design compresses air like an inverted water glass. Bulb slide has built-in dust and splash guard, with Hi & Dry terminals: snaps our for "Serviceable, no tools required" bulb replacement. Comply with Federal legal requirements. "Sonically" sealed, no gaskets to leak or inventory. Use with trailers over 80" wide. Replace any standard 2" mount. 5-year submersible warranty. Hardware included.

Description: Right Light

MFG Part Number: SP8RBW-ER13