Gilmour 1609825830 034411028308 Nozzle, Thumb Control, Gray

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Dial in the Precise Spray Get a grip on the right watering nozzle for you. Durability This nozzle features a robust heavy-duty metal body that provides maximum durability. The stainless-steel coupling prevents corrosion for a durable connection that won’t fuse to your hose. The nozzle is supported by a lifetime warranty. Adjustability With 8 pre-set spray options, this nozzle will help you get any watering task done. The settings include shrub, garden, and flower, rinse, clean, soft wash, sweep, and jet. Lifetime warranty Gilmour Day after day, you can count on Gilmour to deliver sure, smart solutions for your watering and cleaning needs. Gilmour's products are simple and intuitive—they’re easy to operate and designed to feel natural in your hand. They offer optimal control so you can water exactly where, when and how you want. For carefree performance, Gilmour's products work together seamlessly and provide secure connections that minimize leaks and wasted water. Exceptional design and materials stand up to the task and give you durability you can rely on season after season. For more than 50 years, Gilmour's innovations and improvements have focused on removing frustrations and adding enjoyment along the path to watering and cleaning success. Ongoing research and testing ensure the quality and durability of Gilmour's products.